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According to the FBI, a home or business is broken into every 12 seconds in North America? Recent FBI statistics also show that just under 90% of burglars are ever caught, charged and convicted. Meaning, if they do break into your home or business, the chances of them ever getting caught is only about 1 in 10, which also means that if they rob you, you've only got about a 10% chance of ever getting your property back.


But What's Even Worse Than Being Robbed Is...


Being physically assaulted. Losing your property is bad enough, but being physically assaulted is by far worse.


Nearly 70% of All Burglaries Involve Forcible Entry


And 85% of the time that involves the intruder coming right through a door. What burglars know that most of the public doesn't is just how easy it is to force a door open; such as kicking it in or prying it open. And in all honesty, IT'S VERY, VERY EASY TO DO.


We Have a Highly Effective Solution to Stop It... It's Called the Drop Bar Pro


The Drop Bar Pro (shown in the photos to the right) is an extremely strong door security "Drop Bar" that is used for outswing doors. It's made from 16 gauge steel. The steel bars are 1" and 1 1/4" square. It's very easy to install, taking only about 20 to 30 minutes in total.


It's very easy to attach and remove and it's HIGHLY, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE at stopping someone from getting through any outswing door that it's installed on.


We models for 36", 42" and 48" single wide outswing doors with a black powder coat finish .


* We do not currently make the Drop Bar Pro for double doors.



Professional Grade Door Drop Bars

Drop Bar Pro Installed on a Door

Drop Bar Pro Mounted on a 30" Wide Door - Bird's Eye View

Professional Grade Door Drop Bars

Product Specifications:

16 Gauge Steel  |  1" & 1 1/4" Square Steel Bars  |  Black Powder Coat Finish  |  All Mounting Hardware is Included

Frequently Asked Questions

"Is the mounting hardware included?"




"Why are the mounting bolts not painted to match the door bar's finish?"


Because when you tighten the bolts the painted finish usually scratches or comes off to some degree.


"Does the Drop Bar Pro work ONLY on outswing Doors?


YES.  Yes, however we do make a bar for inswing doors called the Door Bar Pro. You can see it here.


"Do you have a door security bar that fits on double doors and custom sizes?"


No, we do not currently make drop bars for double doors.


"How quickly are orders shipped?"


99.9% of the time orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours after you order (not including weekends). On rare occasions, such as around certain holidays and other very

busy times of the year, orders can take up to about 7 days to ship. But again, this is very rare as we take great pride in shipping orders out very quickly.


"Which shipping company do you use and why?"


Under normal conditions, within the USA, we almost always ship via UPS, but in some instances we must ship via USPS Priority Mail. We primarily use UPS because

they provide:


   - The Highest Percentage of On-Time Deliveries

   - Tracking Numbers for All Shipments

   - Shipments Can Be Tracked 24 Hours a Day

   - Email Notifications of Shipping and Delivery


*Outside of the USA, orders are usually shipped by the United States Post Office or by the next most efficient means.

** Canadian orders are usually shipped via UPS.


"What is your return policy?"


You may return any unused product within 30 days of the purchase date for ANY reason and you will be refunded 100% of the

product cost. Refunds are issued promptly, and in the same manner in which you paid. Shipping charges are not refundable.


"I have a question that isn't listed"


Contact us with any questions you have by phone at: 1-877-DOOR-OUT (1-877-366-7688) 7 days a week (8 AM to 8 PM EST)

or by using our convenient online Contact form where you will get a rapid response.

Questions? Order Toll-Free By Phone:


Hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (EST) 7 Days a Week


Starting at: $79.95 ea.


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Drop_Bar_Pro_Door_Security_Bar_Parts Drop_Bar_Pro_Cut_Out

Drop Bar Pro Mounted on a Door - Eye Level View

This 1" Square Bar is Permanently Attached to the Door Using 3" Long Carriage Bolts, Locking Washers and Locking Nuts

This 1 1/4" Bar Interlocks with the 1" Bar (Shown on the Left)


When Engaged, It is Positioned Against the Door Frame and It is Also Interlocked with the 1" Bar  Which Prevents the Door From Being Opened.

This is a View of the Drop Bar Pro from the Bottom Side. It Shows How the L-Bolts Interlock with the Top Bar

Drop Bar Pro


(For Commercial Outswing Exit Doors. For Residential Inswing Door Bars, Visit: Door Security Bar Pro)

Drop_Bar_Pro_Gray Finish Drop_Bar_Pro_Door Bar Drop_Bar_Pro_Eye_Level_View Drop_Bar_Pro_Mounting_Bar Drop_Bar_Pro_Attaching_Bar

This Product is Currently

Only Available in Black